The Board

The Art Gallery of Ballarat operates as a Not for Profit Company Limited by Guarantee of which the Ballarat City Council is the sole shareholder. It is governed by an eleven member Board of Directors who are directly responsible for the Gallery's day-to-day operations.

The Directors were selected after expressions of interest were advertised in regional and metropolitan media. They were chosen from a field of community representatives and skills-based representatives and were required to have a demonstrated and active involvement in the arts or other cultural institutions.

Board Members

Vicki Peter Angela -Carey Harris

Cr Vicki Coltman,

Mr Peter Afford Ms Angela Carey

Dr Mark Harris



Jennifer Tunde -Meikle3 xyz Colin
Assoc Prof Jennifer Jones-O'Neil Ms Tunde Meikle  Prof Ruth Rentschler Mr Colin Stephens

Ex Officio

Mr Gordon Morrison, Director, Art Gallery of Ballarat Mr Barry Wemyss,
President, Art Gallery of Ballarat Association