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  • Griffiths Skewes Gallery

    Griffiths Skewes Gallery

  • James Oddie Gallery

    James Oddie Gallery

  • Crouch Gallery

    Crouch Gallery

  • James A. Powell Gallery

    James A. Powell Gallery

  • M.A Skewes & W.R Griffiths Gallery

    M.A Skewes & W.R Griffiths Gallery

  • Gallery Foyer and Staircase

    Gallery Foyer and Staircase

  • William & Rene Ritchie Gallery

    William & Rene Ritchie Gallery

  • Colonial Gallery

    Colonial Gallery



The Gallery was established in 1884 and is the oldest and largest gallery in regional Australia. It houses major collections covering the history of Australian art from the early colonial period to the present day.

The collection is presented in a series of rooms ranging in date from 1887 to current, enabling the works to be displayed in rooms appropriate to their era. The oldest part of the building, which was specially constructed as a purpose-built gallery between 1887 and 1890, conveys the opulence of the 1880s Boom era, while the most recent extension, with its clean lines and subtle use of natural light, enhances the display of the contemporary collection.

This section of our website contains detailed information about a small sample of works in our collection. It is not a comprehensive listing of the collection. If you are interested in a particular work or artist not listed here, please contact the Gallery.

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