Peches des Sauvages du Cap de Diemen, After Piron
    After Piron
  • Title
    Peches des Sauvages du Cap de Diemen
  • Date of Production
    c. 1800
  • Medium
  • Dimensions
    plate: 24.3 x 39.1 cm, sheet: 30.3 x 45.9 cm
  • Credit Details
    Purchased, 1987

After Piron

Peches des Sauvages du Cap de Diemen

Piron was the natural history artist on the expedition lead by Bruni d' Entrecasteaux in search of the French navigator La Peŕouse who disappeared without trace in 1788.  Set the task of recording the coastal profiles and remarkable landscapes as well as depictions of the costumes, ceremonies, games and dwellings of the natives, Piron produced a number of drawings including this image of a group of indigenous Tasmanians at the water's edge

Peches des Sauvages du Cap de Diemen has few, if any, references to fishing and the scene it depicts appears to be somewhat staged. Along with the rest of the expedition papers, Piron's drawings fell into British hands and were then returned to the French under a flag of truce in 1796. The drawing was later engraved by Jacques Louis Copie.  Peche des Sauvages…' was reproduced in Jacques Julian Houten de la Billardiere's Atlas pour serir a la Relation du voyage a la Recherche de la Peŕouse, Paris 1800.