Tyger, Bruce Armstrong
  • Artist
    Bruce Armstrong
  • Born
  • Title
  • Date of Production
  • Medium
    red gum
  • Dimensions
    120 x 150 x 54 cm
  • Credit Details
    Hugh Williamson Emerging Artist Prize, July 1984

Bruce Armstrong


Tyger is one of the many beasts created by Bruce Armstrong since completing his formal training in sculpture at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 1981. Armstrong became known for his skill in carving notoriously hard timbers such as Red Gum species, using a chainsaw to rough out the intended figure before refining the form with adzes and other conventional tools. The artist has stated that he believes that simplicity of concept is a vital component of sculpture, and in this work the form of a wild forest beast has been reduced to the most basic of elements.

Inspired by the mythologies of many cultures, including ancient Egypt and the Hittite and Mesopotamian empires, Armstrong has created here a stylized creature that has a powerful presence. Yet for all its apparent brutishness, the work also has had an undeniable appeal to visitors of all ages.  A generation of Gallery visitors has - with the artist's blessing - built up a patina on Tyger's head by patting and caressing it.