Swearing allegiance to the "Southern Cross", Charles Alphonse Doudiet
  • Artist
    Charles Alphonse Doudiet
  • Born
  • Died
  • Title
    Swearing allegiance to the "Southern Cross"
  • Date of Production
  • Medium
    watercolour, pen and ink on paper
  • Dimensions
    167 x 232 mm
  • Credit Details
    Purchased by the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery with the assistance of many donors, 1996

Charles Alphonse Doudiet

Swearing allegiance to the "Southern Cross"

Swearing allegiance to the flag is one of a series of watercolours from Australian Sketches - Life on the Goldfields, a sketch book by Canadian Charles Doudiet recording life on the diggings, and the only known visual document to be made by someone present at the Eureka Stockade. Doudiet wrote of this scene that captures the meeting at Bakery Hill when the Eureka flag was raised for the first time on 28 November 1854:

"The Oath"

Thus - in sight of the Ballarat Camp - did ten thousand men raise the azure folds of the 'Southern Cross' and on bended knee swore to defend it.  The leader, the brave Lalor who on the Eureka received seven balls yet lived - he stands on the stump - There is Vern in a red shirt - on whose head a prize of £300 was set 'dead or alive'.  Black the 'Diggers Advocate' the unfortunate Ross - basely murdered by a mounted trooper after he had surrendered - and other leaders too besides they swore…"

And to this Doudiet has added the following footnote:

"Joyce, Penny and Fletcher with myself carried Ross to the Star where he died of great pain about 2.00am on the 5th".





Purchased by the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery with the assistance of many donors, 1996
Principal Donors: Victorian Government through the Community Support Fund, Pam Davies, Eureka Stockade Memorial Committee of Management, Blair Ritchie, Rotary Club of Ballarat South, Wendouree Charitable Fund
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