Sitter, Vincas Jomantas
  • Artist
    Vincas Jomantas
  • Born
    Lithuania 1922, arr.Australia 1948
  • Died
  • Title
  • Date of Production
  • Medium
    polyester resin with talc filler over plaster, painted golden bronze
  • Dimensions
    117 x 72 x 43 cm
  • Credit Details
    Gift of Laima Jomantas under the Cultural Gift Program, 2004. © Laima Jomantas (wife of the artist)

Vincas Jomantas


Lithuanian born Vincas Jomantas arrived in Australia in 1948 where he proceeded to work in a number of industries before being appointed Lecturer and Sculptor at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) in 1960.

A foundation member of Centre Five - a group formed to promote contemporary abstract sculpture, Jomantas was one of the most experimental in the group in terms of the use of different media. With its head, breast and arms supported by a slender torso rising from a large seated mass Sitter is a semi abstract organic form. Made from polyester resin and talc filler over plaster and painted to simulate bronze, this simple, yet powerful form is beautifully modelled.

The Gallery is also fortunate to have a drawing of the Sitter by Jomantas. His widow, in describing the artist's work habits, commented that when he was thinking of making a sculpture he would fall silent for weeks…"….after developing ideas in parallel he would settle his idea on one thing and develop paper working drawings, then get out his materials. There was never any waste. Vincas worked very slowly. Every sculpture was an event".