Time and youth , Ruby Lind (Lindsay)
  • Artist
    Ruby Lind (Lindsay)
  • Born
  • Died
  • Title
    Time and youth
  • Date of Production
  • Medium
    Pen and ink
  • Dimensions
    340 x 233 mm
  • Credit Details
    Gift of Robert Lindsay and Mary Lindsay, 1970

Ruby Lind (Lindsay)

Time and youth

A member of the talented Lindsay family, Ruby, who usually signed her work as Ruby Lind, was determined to become an illustrator.  On moving from Creswick to Melbourne to study at the National Gallery School Lindsay began drawing for the  Hawkett, Gadfly and Bulletin before marrying Will Dyson and moving to London in 1909

Possibly  an illustration for a story,  Lindsay has drawn "Old Father Time", an elderly robed and bearded man.  Two young children swing from  a rope tied around his waist while another reaches for it and a fourth has fallen off.  The scythe that is being carried by the old man is also associated with the Greek story of Chronos,  linking the passage of time with the inevitability of death.   This image, drawn around 1915, may relate to a popular New Year celebration where Father Time is used as a personification of the previous year and hands over the duties of time to Baby New Year.