Still life in Red Room, Loudon Sainthill
  • Artist
    Loudon Sainthill
  • Born
  • Died
  • Title
    Still life in Red Room
  • Date of Production
    circa 1947
  • Medium
    oil on board
  • Dimensions
    49.6 x 37.6 cm
  • Credit Details
    Cecil and Kathleen Toy Fund, 1987

Loudon Sainthill

Still life in Red Room

For Loudon Sainthill, a talented theatre designer, art was a "poetic expression of the spirit". Inspired by performances of the Ballet Russe in the late 1930's, Sainthill, who had studied briefly at Melbourne Technical College, travelled to London with the ballet company. When he returned to Australia in the early 1940's he exhibited at the Macquarie Galleries Sydney and undertook a series of commissions to create costumes and set designs. A member of a group of artists who lived and worked at Merioola, Sydney during the 1940's (later dubbed demeaningly by Robert Hughes as 'the Sydney Charm School') Sainthill was a neo-Romanticist with an interest in the work of Italian painter and theatre designer Giorgio de Chirico as well as the décor of the Russian ballet.

Painted before he left permanently for London in 1949 Sainthill has created a simple yet evocative image with a timeless quality in Still life in Red Room with its vivid colours reminiscent of Ballet Russe stage sets and contrasting broad areas coupled with fine detail.