She’s warm alright, Eric Thake
  • Artist
    Eric Thake
  • Born
  • Died
  • Title
    She’s warm alright
  • Date of Production
  • Medium
  • Dimensions
    345 x 268 mm
  • Credit Details
    L.J. Wilson Bequest Fund, 1972

Eric Thake

She’s warm alright

Best known for his linocuts, the graphic artist, designer and painter Eric Thake believed that his best works were to be found amongst his Christmas Cards and book plates.

In the 1920s and 30s, Thake had occasionally produced Christmas cards but after making three to four annually from 1941, his friends came to expect one each Christmas.  Feeling that he couldn't let them down, Thake continued to produce a linocut print each year until 1975 when failing eyesight caused him to change to lithography.

A former pupil at the George Bell School, Thake favoured uncomplicated designs with light and dark silhouetted shapes and sensitive line work.  Thake had a witty sense of humour and a love of the outback.  She's warm alright first appeared as a card in 1966 and it is one of a small number of the artist's cards to have been reworked in several formats.  Thake said of the image "I went with another artist to the Flinders Ranges.  Two chaps were always ahead of us in the car.  One of the keys of this design is the linking of the brim of the hat on the serif of the 'B'.  Having been trained in lettering I am always amused at the inaccuracies of some country lettering.  This one was a splendid example of 'nineties style with about four layers of gold, but misplaced."