A bore on the Hooghli, Johan Jacob Bennetter
  • Artist
    Johan Jacob Bennetter
  • Born
  • Died
  • Title
    A bore on the Hooghli
  • Date of Production
  • Medium
    oil on canvas
  • Dimensions
    oil on canvas
  • Credit Details
    Gift of Mrs T.H. Thompson, 1894

Johan Jacob Bennetter

A bore on the Hooghli

A ship captain himself until the 1840's, the Norwegian born Johan Jakob Bennetter attended the Christiania School of Design in Oslo before venturing to France in 1855 to further his studies. He was best known for his detailed and accurate depictions of ships at sea.

Painted after his return to Norway in 1880, A bore on the Hooghli relates to a natural phenomenon that is known as a bore tide.  These fast flowing  high waters occur following an extremely low tide when there is a rush of seawater into a narrow shallow inlet from a broad bay such as this, where the Hooghli River enters the Bay of Bengal, India.

One of two seascapes by this artist owned by the Gallery - the other, known as The first shot features a battle between a  ship flying the East India company's flag,  and a French ship.of the Napoleonic era...  Both of these works and indeed several other early acquisitions, came  to Australia through the agency of Alfred Fletcher, an art dealer in Melbourne during the boom period of the 1880's.