Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales - Hepoona Roo, John White
  • Author
    John White
  • Born
    England, c. 1756
  • Died
  • Title
    Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales - Hepoona Roo
  • Date of Production
  • Medium

John White

Journal of a Voyage to New South Wales - Hepoona Roo

Subtitle: with Sixty-Five Plates of Nondescript Animals, Birds, Lizards, Serpents, curious Cones of Trees and other Natural Productions

Debrett, London, publisher
Thomas Wilson, editor
Sarah Stone, F.P.Nodder, Charles Catton Jr, Edward Kennion, Mortimer, artists

Chief Surgeon John White sent his collected specimens, notes and drawings to his friend Thomas Wilson in London to arrange for their publication.  This volume proved so popular it was translated into French, German and Swedish to meet demand.

The plates were based on these specimens, illustrated by London's leading natural history artists.  Their original painting or watercolour was interpreted by the engraver for printing.  Once printed each image was hand-coloured, and on the image of the Brown Kings Fisher you can see that human touch where the watercolour has run over on the right side.

Sarah Stone (b.circa 1760, d.1844) was an accomplished watercolourist and one of the first artists to paint the fantastic objects coming to London from these explorations.  Her name is recorded on many of the pages for the John White publication as S.Stone Delin.