A Voyage to Terra Australis - Voyage to New South Wales, Matthew Flinders
  • Author
    Matthew Flinders
  • Born
    England 1774
  • Died
  • Title
    A Voyage to Terra Australis - Voyage to New South Wales
  • Date of Production
  • Medium

Matthew Flinders

A Voyage to Terra Australis - Voyage to New South Wales

Subtitle: undertaken for the purpose of completing the discovery of that vast country, and prosecuted in the years 1801, 1802, and 1803 in His Majesty's ship the Investigator, and subsequently in the armed vessel Porpoise and Cumberland Schooner; with an account of the shipwreck of the Porpoise, arrival of the Cumberland at Mauritius, and imprisonment of the commander during six years and a half in that island.

2 volumes & atlas 
G. & W. Nicol, London, publisher
W. Bulmer and Co., London, printer
William Westall, artist
Ferdinand Bauer, botanical artist

After his 1798 voyage with George Bass to prove that Van Diemen's Land was separated from Terra Australis, in 1801 Matthew Flinders was given a ship to catch up, and hopefully, overtake, the French expedition under Nicolas Baudin to map the unknown south coast of Terra Australis before they did.  It was necessary to discover if New South Wales, claimed by Cook for England, was separate from New Holland, the west coast named by the Dutch.  Also on board HMS Investigator were artists William Westall and Ferdinand Bauer, and eminent botanist Robert Brown.

These volumes are considered the most outstanding books on the coastal exploration of Australia and the centrepiece of any collection of discovery.  The atlas is rare and usually missing, this imprint includes the Admiralty charts, William Westall's coastal views and Bauer's botanical plates.