• Artist
    Frank Littler
  • Title
    Pro News
  • Date of Production
    circa 1975
  • Medium
    oil on composition board
  • Dimensions
  • Credit Details
    George Crouch Acquisition with the assistance of the Visual Arts Board, Australia Council, 1977

Let it all hang out: Australian Art of the 70s

Saturday, June 18, 2011 - Sunday, August 07, 2011, -

Admission: Free

What do the 1970s mean to you? An illicit Marlboro down the back of the bus or your first joint in the back of a panel van? Going on an anti Vietnam war demo? Bell bottom jeans and romper stompers? Maintaining your rage in 75? Your first Skyhooks concert?

If you were there, you will have your own particular memories. If you weren't, you'll at least have images of big hair and fast cars.

It goes without saying that Art was Big in the 70s. It was an era of enormous social and political change and the visual artists were key to the expression of the spirit of the times.

As the world woke up from the complacent conservatism of the post-war era, personal became political and everything was scrutinised for its political stance and implications. Art which wasn't overtly political was often dismissed as naively conservative.

Artists were also taking stock of what art meant, what it stood for, even what it was. A move to figurative art allowed them to express opinions on big issues - as well as sex drugs and rock'n'roll.

Let it All Hang Out brings together a diverse collection of works that are humorous, confronting, unusual, and of course political.