• Artist
    Carole Wilson
  • Title
    Mrs Darwins Garden
  • Date of Production
  • Medium
    collaged map on paper, stitching
  • Dimensions
  • Credit Details
    photograph by Fiona Morrison

Mrs Darwin's Garden - Carole Wilson

Saturday, November 20, 2010 - Sunday, February 06, 2011, -

Admission: Free

This body of work examines themes of European exploration, mapping of new lands, and gardening traditions. It also refers to aspects of place and the predicament of displacement. Ongoing themes of domesticity and home making are also revisited.

The work is also concerned with the afterword; after the hype and celebration of Darwin's anniversary, to present another celebration, one in which women's endeavours are highlighted. A reflection on the traditional ways in which women, often displaced in new homes, new cities, and new countries, map the minutiae, to order their day to day world.  

There are parallels between Darwin's travels and studies of species, to my personal journey from Ballarat, in regional Victoria, with its historic buildings and ordered traditional gardens, to the Northern Territory, and the seemingly alien fecundity of the tropical vegetation. Darwinism reflects the European preoccupations of collecting and classifying, which is as much about adding to bodies of knowledge as it is about taming and ordering the unknown. In my personal journey from the familiar to the unknown my need to identify what represents for me, new species of flora and fauna, is also a way to find my bearings, to chart and map my new surroundings.