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    Paul Mason
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Paul Mason - Still happenings

Saturday, August 21, 2010 - Sunday, September 19, 2010, -

Admission: Free

Mason translates his vision of nature with meticulous lines and muted colours that exude sensitivity to both his medium and subject. 

As Mason writes "Drawing is the foundation of my practice, and in this show leads from an exploration of the physical world of nature, to paintings concerned with the experiential." Still happenings includes works on paper that are meticulous in their documenting of a physical place, of rocks and plants, but are devoid of colour and provide little in terms of the sense of place. In contrast, Mason also works painted surfaces that are concerned with the empirical, soft and muted colours are layered and aim to provied a contrast, an exploration of light and space, a sense of place outside the physical.

In Paul Masons words, these works rise out "of quieteness, stillness and slowness, as ways of summoning up contemplative awareness and the knowledge that through nature we are connected to the mysteries of existence."